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Duden language technology together with its partners in industry and science carries out research and development projects in the fields of knowledge management and computer linguistics. Duden’s spelling and grammar are regarded as trend-setting and leading on the market. The products developed by Duden cover the most comprehensive and profoundly edited word-list.

Duden’s reference books and dictionaries are specially meant for journalists, editors, students, interpreters and translators, as well as for every one else, who wants to write or speak neatly and stylistically correctly.

Duden – German spelling dictionary
The comprehensive basic work follows the new Official Spelling Rules.

The 25th edition of the Duden - German spelling dictionary contains spelling, word division and rules dated August, 2009, obligatory for all schools and authorities. The new Duden presents contemporary vocabulary of the German language so fully as never before. Duden recommendations (”Duden-Empfehlungen“) are new for this edition and prescribe the right spelling in such disputable cases as „Saxofon” or „Saxophon”? In all the cases, where the new Official Rules permit several variants of spelling, Duden gives a recommendation, which is marked yellow. These recommendations should be looked upon as suggestion and help in word choice for the workers of mass media, enterprises, publishing houses, editorial staffs and all the private persons, who attach importance to common orthography. In case of several permissible variants of spelling Duden marks its recommendations yellow.

  • Over 135,000 keywords;
  • 5,000 new words, e.g. „Internettelefonie” „kleinreden”, „Publikumsjoker”, „Sudoku”, „Telenovela”, „USB-Stick” etc.;
  • Over 500,000 examples, meaning explanations and information about word division, pronunciation, grammar, etymology, and style leave no open questions;
  • Sound Module provided by ARD databank contains 9,000 German pronunciation samples of difficult words.
  • Duden provides several acceptable spellings where possible.
25.6 MB $27.95

Duden – German dictionary of synonyms
Most suitable word always at hand

Captivating, clear, and informative Duden – German dictionary of synonyms gives alternatives to phrase your ideas more precisely. The new 4th edition is based on the obligatory rules dated August, 2006.
What other words stand for interessant or darstellen, erklaren, frohlich and machen? Does the word anscheinend mean the same as scheinbar? Is there any difference between selbst and selber?
All the words you look up are easily found by the keywords, intricate system of cross-references was rejected. To make the work with the dictionary still easier, all the synonyms in the entry are arranged into groups according to their similarity with the keyword based on style, origin, correlation in temporal and professional aspect.

  • 300 000 synonyms for more than 20 000 up-to-date keywords;
  • Helpful word usage examples (e.g. for the word Erziehungsurlaub the officially prescribed synonym is Elternzeit; previously used word taubstumm corresponds to modern gehorlos);
  • Alternative apt expressions for 200 idioms (e.g. the expression das A und O has several synonymous words and phrases: Brennpunkt, das Wesentliche, das Wichtigste, der springende Punkt; Dreh- und Angelpunkt, Hauptpunkt, and Hauptsache).

This reference book is also incredibly useful for the foreigners learning German seriously.

5.49 MB $27.95

Duden – German dictionary of foreign words
Correct comprehension and usage of foreign words

Duden – German dictionary of foreign words, updated in August 2006 according to the new Official Spelling Rules, offers a thorough survey of the up-to-date and traditional foreign vocabulary presented in the modern German. Thus among the dictionary entries one can find special notes on history, functionality and usage of foreign words in the German language. Duden dictionary of foreign words is an irreplaceable reference book for everyone, who wants to use and understand foreign words correctly. The PDA-version of this dictionary facilitates pronunciation mastering and turns it into game due to the audio samples of the most difficult foreign words included the pack (Audio samples are provided by ARD databank).

  • More than 55 000 foreign words and technical terms of the German present-day language;
  • Over 400 000 notes on meaning, grammar, spelling, word division, and etymology;
  • New foreign words from the latest language research (e.g. Blog, Internetauktion, MP3-Player, Open-Source-Software, Public Viewing, Sudoku, USB-Stick etc.);
  • Over 8 000 audio pronunciation samples for difficult words.

25.2 MB $27.95

Duden – German explanatory dictionary
Present-day, comprehensive, trend-setting

Duden – German explanatory dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary of its kind which includes not only up-to-the-minute German vocabulary, but also covers its dialects and its varieties in Austria and Switzerland. Detailed entries are devoted to the technical terms, professionalisms, jargon, and slang. As any other explanatory dictionary, Duden contains elaborated entries on the meaning and usage of the words and speech tokens in a sentence. The new edition of this basic work offers converted, updated, and considerably extended content of keywords from A to Z. Naturally, Duden – German explanatory dictionary corresponds to the obligatory Official Spelling Rules dated August, 2006. The PDA-version offers numerous functions that actualize word search in the dictionary.

  • About 150 000 keywords and phrases;
  • More than 500 000 meaning explanations and usage examples, notes on spelling, grammar, word origin, and style;
  • 10 000 words and phrases standing for new notions relevant for nowadays German reality, e.g. „Erlebnisgesellschaft”, „Genfood”, „MP3-Player”, „Plasmabildschirm”, „seniorengerecht”, „Zweiklassenmedizin” etc.;
  • Around 140 typical for the modern German language affixes, such as „neo-”, „pseudo-”, „-bewusst”, „-wirksam” and others are paid special attention;
  • Recommendations on word usage help to avoid mistakes in linguistically sensitive cases, such as with the words „pervers” and „turken” and inform that recently often used „taubstumm” should be substituted by „gehorlos”;
  • Over 8 000 audio pronunciations for difficult words.

31.1 MB $41.95

Opportunities you gain with Duden dictionaries for Windows Mobile:

  • NEW! Browse the dictionary with the touch of a finger! Improved and intuitive touch oriented dictionary interface lets you use Duden dictionary with only your finger-tips (available only for phones with touch screens).
  • Enter the words on your native language easier using on-screen Virtual Keyboard for more than 25 languages (available only for phones with non-touch screens).
  • Reading books, documents, and web-pages on your PDA you can get word translation, explanation or necessary reference quickly by using the Resident Module without leaving your active application. So you do not need to waste time on launching Duden dictionary every time you need it;
  • Listen to correct pronunciation of the difficult words with built-in German Sound Module provided by ARD databank, containing audio samples pre-recorded by native speakers; with sound module you won’t hesitate how to pronounce such words like Ayurveda, Baht, Micropayment, Nonprofitunternehmen, Telenovela, volatil, Weblog etc., and will learn about pronunciation variants in such disputable cases as Audit and Magenta;
  • Study the language in the most effective way and check yourself with the words you have added to Flash Cards from the dictionary
  • NEW! List of similar words in case of misspelling.
  • Keep your Duden dictionary always up-to-date. New Online Update feature lets you know of updated dictionary version available for download and you can also set up frequency of update check.

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Duden – German spelling dictionary

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden – German dictionary of synonyms

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden – German dictionary of foreign words

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden – German explanatory dictionary

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile

Supported devices:

Windows Mobile 6.5/6.1/6.0 Standard, Classic and Professional; Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC & Smartphone devices.


The number of translations in Duden dictionary demo-version is limited. The more often you use the dictionary the more notifications about demo version you get. To save you time we provided a new way of purchasing and registering Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile/Smartphone. Now you do not need to search the product on the web, you can purchase dictionary just from your device. To do this, go to Menu->Registration->Buy.

Note! Upgrading of Duden dictionary for Windows Mobile to the version 7.1 is free only for users of version 7. For Duden dictionary upgrade you should reinstall the dictionary and enter your registration code again.

New Duden 7.1 and the previous versions of the dictionary (Duden 3.04, 2005 and 6.x) work independently. To use databases of your previously bought dictionaries for Windows Mobile with the new Duden 7.1 engine you need to upgrade the program.

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