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Paragon Software Group Releases Diverse Line of 50 Feature-Rich Bilingual “Talking” Dictionaries from Berlitz, Langenscheidt and Mondadori Publishing Houses for MS Windows Desktop Computers
Series Includes Professional, Standard and Basic Editions in Thirteen World Languages
[Май 10, 2011]

FREIBURG, Germany – May, 2011Paragon Software Group, a leading developer of multi-platform software applications for mobiles and computers, announces the release of an extensive line of new multifunctional “talking” bilingual dictionaries for Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP desktop computers. Authoritative dictionary content in thirteen world languages from three of the world’s leading language reference publishers – Berlitz Publishing, the Langenscheidt Publishing Group and the Mondadori Group – and Paragon’s high-performance program shell combine to turn desktop PCs into indispensable instruments for effective learning and translation. Install a dictionary of your choice to your PC to immediately begin translating words or phrases, testing word knowledge with the Flash Card Quiz or listening to authentic pronunciations recorded by native speakers.

The comprehensive branded dictionary content is powered by Paragon’s leading-edge technology to bring this line of the world’s best-selling paper reference editions to desktop PCs. As the software is fully integrated with the Windows OS, simply hover over an unknown word in an email, a document or on a web page to quickly translate words without the need to open a separate application. Convenient features, such as the morphology module and language identifier, enable fast and accurate lookup, even when encountering unfamiliar word forms or switching between languages. Powerful advanced search and history features add a new level of accessibility to extensive content created by global leaders in language and travel publishing for translators, professionals and linguists of every level.

Berlitz Publishing - the unparalleled language-learning market leader providing the global community with the skills needed to communicate with anyone, anywhere. Berlitz covers 30 world languages through audio programs, phrase books, dictionaries, travel guides and maps featuring more than 60 international destinations. Berlitz Standard dictionaries for business, everyday use and travel; Berlitz Basic dictionaries for daily use, travel and beginners; and Berlitz Essential dictionaries for travellers and beginners are available in a range of combinations of 13 world languages to suit any language situation.

The Langenscheidt Publishing Group, best known for its area of core competence in dictionaries and language learning material in various formats and on diverse media, sets the highest editorial and production standards for all the products it publishes. The corporate logo, a blue “L” on a yellow background, is instantly recognized by many people all over the world. Paragon is pleased to present Langenscheidt Basic-Wörterbuch for everyday use and travel; Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch for business, everyday use and travel; Langenscheidt Professional-Wörterbuch: comprehensive reference works for professional translations at the workplace, for teachers and students; and Langenscheidt Großwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache a monolingual dictionary specifically tailored to the needs of all learners of German to Windows 7/Vista/XP users.

The Mondadori Group, Italy’s biggest book and magazine publisher, is one of the top publishing companies in Europe. Since its foundation in 1907, Mondadori’s mission has always been to encourage the diffusion of culture and ideas, with a range of products that covers all areas and appeals to all readers, combining a love for culture and editorial quality with the laws of the market and a capacity to identify and anticipate changes while respecting and protecting of the values that underlie the role of the publisher in civil society. The Langenscheidt Mondadori dictionaries are for everyday use, travel and beginners.

Dictionary Features:

  • The Resident module provides the translation of the word without you having to leave your active application. Simply hover the mouse over a word in an email, a web page or a word-processing document to summon a pop-up window with translation article.
  • The Morphology module helps you translate words in any grammatical form (available for English, French, Russian and Spanish).
  • The Sound modules let you listen to pronunciation of selected words in live speech quality (available for English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish).
  • The Flash Card Quiz is an effective method of learning new words. Mark those you want to remember and test your memory as often as you wish.
  • The Grammar reference for any word in the dictionary.
  • The Full text search function lets you look up word combinations inside the dictionary articles, titles, entries and usage examples.
  • The Similar Words function helps you find a word even if you do not remember its spelling.
  • The Language identifier selects the appropriate language automatically each time you input words.
  • The Onscreen virtual keyboard allows word input in any language.
  • The Personal dictionary can be created by the user. Comment on existing articles and add new full entries with translation, phonetic transcriptions, example sentences and special marks.
  • The Online update feature checks for updates and downloads new versions to your PC automatically.
  • The Online catalog offers a range of available dictionaries that can be downloaded directly to your computer.


The dictionaries are compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP 32/64 bit operating systems.


The Dictionaries are currently available for 13.99-79.00 USD (9.99-59.00 EUR) via download from http://mswindows-software.penreader.com/.

Dictionary modification USD EUR GBP
Berlitz Standard dictionaries 34.99 31.95 25.99
Berlitz Basic dictionaries 24.99 17.95 14.99
Berlitz Essential dictionaries 13.99 9.99 7.99
Berlitz Mini dictionaries 24.99 17.95 14.99
Berlitz Básico dictionaries 24.99 17.95 14.99
Langenscheidt Basic-Wörterbuch 24.99 17.95 14.99
Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch 34.99 31.95 25.99
Langenscheidt Professional-Wörterbuch 79.00 59.00 49.00
Langenscheidt Großwörterbuch Deutsch 26.99 21.95 17.99
Langenscheidt Mondadori dictionaries 24.99 17.95 14.99

**A limited number of free reviewer licenses available upon request**

About Langenscheidt Publishing Group

The Langenscheidt publishing group is an internationally-operating, family-run business steeped in tradition. It offers a wide variety of publications dedicated to languages and travel. What began with books and self-study materials in 1856 now encompasses a broad spectrum of titles for all media, with special emphasis on self-study and dictionary products. (www.langenscheidt.de)
APA Publications, a Langenscheidt company, is the publisher of the Insight Travel Guides and Maps and Berlitz Travel and Language Learning titles. APA Publications publishes over 650 titles covering countries, regions and cities and a complete range of Berlitz-branded language learning products. (www.berlitzpublishing.com, www.insightguides.com)

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