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PONS Dictionaries for Windows Mobile Devices Released
PONS Dictionaries for Windows Mobile Devices Released
[Август 30, 2007]

Paragon Software (SHDD) is proud to introduce famous PONS dictionaries from PONS GmbH publishing house for Windows Mobile Pocket PC-based devices. Now the most popular and respected German reference brand provides rapid translation on the go.

Paragon Software provides a broad range of high-quality multilingual dictionaries by such world-known linguistic companies as Merriam-Webster Inc., Oxford University Press, Chambers Harrap Publishers, Van Dale Lexicografie bv, Larousse Editorial, S.L., etc. Now the company’s German product line is enriched with extensive PONS dictionaries.

For almost 30 years PONS has been developing hallmark green dictionaries and language courses for lifelong learning - for students, professional users, travellers and hobby linguists. From Chinese to Turkish, for beginners or experts, over 500 dictionaries and language courses provide study materials and reference for every level.

Thanks to Paragon Software (SHDD) 4 essential PONS dictionaries can be easily fitted in the pocket and guarantee efficient translation from German to English, French, Italian and Spanish. These dictionaries include impressive number of entries, translations, variants of word usage, spelling and pronunciation, up-to-date vocabulary and grammar, not to mention numerous helpful phrases from everyday language concerning travel, work, study, entertainment, etc.

Paragon Software (SHDD) supplements PONS dictionaries for Windows Mobile Pocket PC with the following unique features:

  • Translation of different grammatical word forms
  • Sound Modules, pre-recorded by English, German, French, Italian and Spanish native-speakers
  • Simultaneous word translation while working in current application without switching to the dictionary
  • Helpful learning tools: Table of English irregular words, “Word of the Day” and “Flash Cards”
  • Slovoed Studio utility to create personal dictionary
  • Wireless purchase support

PONS dictionaries for Windows Mobile Pocket PC are the worthy gift for language lovers of all kinds, graduating students and professional linguists.

For more information about PONS dictionaries for Windows Mobile Pocket PC please, visit http://www.penreader.com and http://www.soft4phone.com or check http://penreader.mobi from Windows Mobile device.

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