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[Август 26, 2009]
Real-Time Weather Forecasts on Windows Mobile and S60 devices

Paragon Software Group has launched a new version of its best-selling real-time access weather forecast application Handy Weather -- for S60 smartphones and Windows Mobile devices with touch screens. The program has been thoroughly redesigned and optimized for smooth finger-tip control, based on the advanced touch interface of the latest S60 and Windows Mobile series of smartphones, allowing to get the most detailed weather forecasts with just a tap or a slide of the finger.

Handy Weather's users can get instant and detailed five-to-seven day weather forecasts, supported by satellite weather maps, for thousands of cities worldwide. To get expert weather data, you can pick any location from a preset list of 40,000 cities or determine a location using GPS. Finger-friendly menus and bar options of the touch screen make weather details instantly accessible by double-tapping the “Today” screen.

Apart from the completely redesigned new look, Handy Weather (for S60) offers a new weather screensaver, a new “City List” feature providing forecasts for several cities at once as well as various animation effects accompanying weather data.


  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Five-to-seven day high/low temperature graph
  • Preset list of more than 40,000 cities worldwide
  • Possibility to add a location point using GPS (for Windows Mobile)
  • One-day weather forecast including morning/day/evening/night weather details
  • Current conditions weather forecast
  • Hourly weather forecast
  • Three types of real-time weather maps for visual representation (“Satellite,” “Pressure,” “Temperature” views)
  • Automatic forecast updates at certain intervals or at a preset time
  • “Pan”/”Zoom” feature to browse maps (for Windows Mobile)
  • Two pre-defined weather plug-ins for the “Today” screen (for Windows Mobile)
  • Over-the-air program updates (for new features)
  • Wind direction
  • Gust and speed in mph, km/h or m/s
  • UV index (the sun’s ultraviolet intensity level)
  • Relative humidity in %
  • Various animated effects

[Август 20, 2009]
Series of Popular ‘Talking’ Oxford Dictionaries for Mac OS Released

Paragon Software Group released Oxford dictionaries for Mac OS – the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, the Concise Oxford Thesaurus, the Oxford Russian Dictionary and the Oxford German Dictionary, Third Edition.

The most authoritative coverage of English vocabulary is coupled with Paragon’s advanced Slovoed engine to bring premium dictionary content directly to the users’ desk. The original dictionary was adapted to the electronic versions for Mac users’ convenience to provide extensive translation or word definition by simply pointing the cursor over the word in question. Unknown words and phrases from any document, e-mail and web-page are defined in a matter of seconds. The detailed word definitions are accompanied by usage and a native British sound module of 20,000 words, transcription, grammar information, and color markup. Using unique compression technology, the dictionaries provide a very fast word database browsing and instant word search. There is no need to turn pages of imposing volumes to find the necessary word.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary database contains more than 240,000 words, phrases and definitions, and is the most up-to-date dictionary of its kind available on the market.

The Concise Oxford Thesaurus contains over 365,000 synonyms and antonyms, and would be ideal for use in word games and puzzles, to improve your writing or to find the word on the tip of your tongue.

The Oxford German Dictionary includes more than 320,000 words and phrases, as well as 520,000 translations. The most essential grammatical information and word usage notes are available for both languages.

The Oxford Russian Dictionary covers more than 75,000 entries, 185,000 references, 290,000 translations including British and American English, regional Russian dialects along with numerous illustrative examples.

More info about Oxford dictionaries for Maс OS

[Август 06, 2009]
Словари Slovoed для Mac доступны в магазинах авторизованных партнеров Apple

Компания Paragon Software Group совместно с компанией Новый Диск объявляет о выпуске коробочных версий англо-русского и многоязычного словарей Slovoed и Oxford для компьютеров Mac. Новые словари для Mac OS X, сочетающие в себе передовые словарные технологии и оригинальные словарные издания от ведущих российских и зарубежных издательств, будут представлены в салонах авторизованных партнеров компании Apple. Словари Slovoed для Mac поступят в магазины в течение августа 2009 года.

C начала августа 2009 года в магазинах Re:Store, Z-Store, Медиа Маркт и других реселлеров Apple будут доступны: англо-русский словарь Slovoed, англо-русский словарь The Oxford Russian Dictionary от издательства с мировым именем – Oxford University Press и Slovoed Многоязычный – версия для шести европейских языков, содержащая лучшие словари и подробные переводы с русского на английский, французский, немецкий, итальянский и испанский языки и обратно. Словари для Mac OS позволяют переводить слова в любых приложениях и документах простым наведением курсора мыши. Кроме того, владельцы настольных компьютеров Apple смогут совершенствовать свое произношение, поскольку в словари содержат до 55 000 озвученных слов, записанных носителями языка, узнать этимологию слов и получить грамматическую справку.

Электронные версии словарей Slovoed для Mac OS X можно скачать на сайте компании: http://www.penreader.com/mac-os-software/ru/, а также приобрести в большинстве Авторизованных реселлеров Apple со статусом Premium: http://registration.euro.apple.com/buy/ru/, или заказать в интернет магазинах OZON и других.

[Август 04, 2009]
New ‘Talking’ Desktop Dictionaries for Individual Use and Educational Institutions

Paragon Software Group has launched the Slovoed 7.0 series of multilingual dictionaries for Windows XP/Vista/2000 PC users. The new version of Slovoed has been completely redesigned and now includes 24 additional dictionaries. These include German dictionaries from PONS GmbH, the English-French edition from Harrap, Turkish dictionaries from Mehmet Yuksel, Millennium’s Czech dictionaries, Swedish bilingual dictionaries from Peter Bondesson, along with 16 additional European languages. This dictionary line contains the most up-to-date content in complete accordance with the original sources.

There is no need to turn pages of imposing volumes to find the necessary word. The original dictionaries from the world’s top publishers were adapted to the electronic versions for PC users’ convenience to provide extensive translation or word definition by simply pointing the cursor over the word in question.  Unknown words from any document, e-mail and web-page are defined instantly, appearing in the dictionary's pop-up window. The detailed word definitions are accompanied by usage and sound samples, transcription, grammar information, and color markup. Every dictionary contains the most updated modern vocabulary from a variety of areas such as the Internet, new media, technology and science. The user can also listen to the correct pronunciation.

Features include:

  • Word Translation in a pop-up window. Read e-mails, documents and web-pages from your PC and get translation or definition without leaving your active application;
  • Listen to correct word pronunciation using built-in Sound Modules, containing up to 90 000 audio samples in each dictionary pre-recorded by English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian native speakers;
  • Word search in any grammatical form (available for English, French, Russian and Spanish languages);
  • Similar Word Search and Wildcards ("*", "?", etc.) help to find the word even if you do not remember the exact spelling; Flash Card Quiz enables you to add new words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish;
  • Virtual Keyboard allows entering words in any language of the dictionary;
  • Lists of Irregular verbs for all English and German dictionaries;
  • Dictionary Online Update feature allows to update the dictionary directly from the program;
  • Online dictionary catalog where you can download new dictionaries directly to your computer.

More information about new Slovoed dictionaries for Windows PC

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