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About the dictionary

This dictionary is a part of wide-known Paragon Software (SHDD) product line for Windows Mobile based devices. High data compression ratio for dictionaries and high retrieval rate are available thanks to the special technology developed by Paragon Software (SHDD). Thanks to user-friendly interface, working with the dictionary databases becomes very easy.
This version of the dictionary is designed to be used on Pocked PCs and Smartphones based on following operating systems: Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, Mobile 6.0 Classic, and Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional.

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Main features

Here are the main features that make your work with the dictionary more comfortable and effective:

  • Morphology Module (for Russian, English, French and Spanish). Now you can get the translation of the words entered in any form. (For example, if you use plural nouns and adjectives, a different verb forms and so on). This new feature allows you to work with foreign texts more efficiently (especially, if you use dictionary in Resident mode) and is extremely useful for those users, who just start learning foreign languages, as well as for experienced linguists.
  • Online update. This is a new opportunity to update the software. You can download new versions of the program and additional databases from the server without leaving the dictionary.
  • Resident module. This function allows you to get a translation without having to exit the application you are working in – a small dictionary window will appear right in the active application!
  • Sound module. Provides an opportunity to listen to the pronunciation of a word if an appropriate Sound Module is installed.
  • Flash Cards Quiz. You can save certain words to Flash Cards and then take a Flash Cards Quiz to test yourself.
  • A Table of irregular verbs (for English and German languages). Knowing only one form of a verb, you will be able to find the others quickly. Several sorting possibilities will help to find the verb form you need.
  • Wildcard Search. With this feature you can search the words which spelling you do not know exactly

Other features:

  • Phonetic transcription in a dictionary entry
  • Large number of dictionary entries
  • Possibility to install several dictionary databases on the mobile device. Dictionary databases are merged (i.e. the word search is carried out among all words from all the dictionaries);
  • Different colors used to highlight words in dictionary entries make it easy to understand an article or find the translations of words from it following a link to another dictionary article;
  • You can install a dictionary on an expansion memory card. With this feature you can save the device’s main memory by installing the program on an additional storage card;
  • Low memory consumption;
  • Saving history. Your last 30 queries are saved in the history – you can come back to the entries you have seen at any time.
  • Use the dictionary in landscape mode.
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Language Pairs and Interface

We can provide you with wide choice of explanatory and bilingual dictionaries for the following language pairs:


You can always get more information about the dictionaries available for your language on Paragon Software (SHDD) official web sites.

Interface of a dictionary is available in the following languages: Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

A dictionary for a particular language pair may have several editions:

SlovoEd Deluxe includes the most full and detailed translation articles with samples, synonyms and antonyms, references and other useful information. It is an excellent solution for professional linguists, translators and advanced users.

SlovoEd Classic includes extended dictionary articles with basic references. It will become an irreplaceable comprehensive assistant for business, travel and study.

SlovoEd Compact occupies the minimum of your device’s memory space, includes the most common translations with clear, concise definitions. It will be useful during a trip abroad and when reading.

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Registration and Demo Mode

Registration of the dictionary (sound module) during the installation

During the installation of the program, the Registration window appears on the desktop display. Enter the registration code in the window. If you want to use a demo version of the dictionary tap Proceed. In this case, you can register the dictionary after installation. For more information, refer Registration after the installation


The installation of the new dictionary does not affect previously installed versions. If you install dictionary engine of version 7 you will not be able to see databases installed for the dictionaries v.3.04, 2005 or 6.

Registration of the dictionary (sound module) after the installation

To register the dictionary after the installation open the application on your device and choose Register in the Dictionary Menu.

If you have already purchased the product, enter the registration code for the dictionary or Sound Module, which was sent to you after purchasing.

Demo-Version limitations

The more you use a Demo-version of a dictionary, the more you get messages saying that your copy is unregistered instead of the translation. You receive the registration code for your dictionary after purchasing the software.

There are two ways of registration: Registration during the installation and Registration after the installation.

How to get a registration code

Visit our site and select the dictionary you want to purchase. After that, you can get the registration code using secure on-line ordering with your credit card via an e-Shop. Do not worry, we never get your credit card information, ordering is proceeded through specialized American and European e-commerce systems.
This way of payment provides the "real-time fulfillment", that means that your serial number will be e-mailed to you immediately.

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Main steps to install a dictionary (sound module)

Initial dictionary installation

I Using .exe - File:

Make sure that Microsoft ActiveSync is installed on your desktop computer for connecting it with your mobile device. You can usually find it on CD with software for your mobile device. It is not necessary to install ActiveSync if your desktop computer is running under Windows Vista operating system.

Follow the main steps to install the dictionary from your desktop computer:

  1. Connect your mobile device with your desktop computer via a cable. Run Microsoft ActiveSync. When device is connected, an icon of connection on desktop PC tray bar becomes rich green.
  2. Start dictionary installation file (*.exe) on your desktop PC. Installation process will start automatically.
  3. Enter the registration code in the registration window. If you want to install Demo-version of the dictionary, press Proceed. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

  4. All components of the program will be selected. If you do not want to install any components, uncheck the box near it.
  5. You can choose a place to install the components during the installation process.

The dictionary will not function unless the dictionary engine and at least one dictionary database is installed

II Using .cab-file

Installation a dictionary using .cab – file is possible only for the devices based on Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher. To register the dictionary installed directly on your device, please refer to "Registration of the dictionary (Sound Module) after the installation" chapter.

Main steps:

  1. Save .cab-file of the program on your device. You can always download it from Paragon Software (SHDD) mobile web sites.
  2. Open explorer on your device, select the folder where the file has been saved and launch it.
  3. Wait until the setup process is finished on your mobile device
  4. Initially you will have only dictionary engine installed. You will be asked to download the database and sound base from the server after launching the dictionary. This will require an Internet connection.

Installation of additional dictionary databases (sound modules)

You have an opportunity to install dictionary engine with several dictionary databases.

You can download additional dictionary database or sound module without closing the program on your device or using your desktop. To do this you need to make sure that you have internet connection available on your device, open the dictionary and follow Menu>Translation Direction>Other dictionaries. Click Done.
Specify the necessary language pair and click Done again. Then choose a dictionary for downloading from the server. Click Download again after selecting the database.

To install additional databases from your desktop PC you will need to launch the installation files for all the dictionaries one after another on your desktop computer. If the dictionary engine is already installed on your mobile device and all you want is to install additional databases, uncheck the box near Dictionary Engine during installation wizard. You can select where to save the databases during installation: the main memory or an expansion card.

If you want to choose translation direction on your device, please follow Menu>Translation direction on your device.

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How to use the dictionary

Input Methods

You can use the following input methods:

  • On-screen keyboard (for PPC), for example, InterKey;
  • Virtual keyboard for Smartphones;
  • Built-in keyboard of a device (if you have one);
  • Handwriting recognition system – for example, PenReader (only for Pocket PC);
  • Paste Operation: copy the word you want to look up to the clipboard, start the dictionary and choose Paste in the Context menu (Pocket PC devices).

If you enter a word in any form, you can see its base forms. You can get information about the morphology of the basic forms found here: Menu>Advanced>Show Word Forms.

Main Window

Open the program and get into the main window of the dictionary. The buttons on the bottom toolbar “Translate” and "Menu" will help you to open the dictionary entries and dictionary menu. In the middle of the toolbar, you can see the icon. If you have a touch screen device, this icon will help you to choose an input method (for example, using the onscreen keyboard InterKey or handwriting recognition system).

  1. Input field. Type in the word you want to look for.
  2. Scroll Bar (you can also scroll the list by pressing Up and Down buttons on your device)
  3. Word list (pronunciation icon shows that you can listen to the pronunciation of the words).

Full screen mode

To see the dictionary entry in full size, you can move to full screen mode. In this case, the following buttons will be available:

  1. Done. Allows you to get back to the Main Window of the dictionary
  2. Menu, which contains the following items:
    • Registration
    • Collapse Article / Expand Article
    • Play sound. Allows you to listen to the pronunciation of words
    • Copy. Allows you to copy a word on which the cursor is standing
    • To Flash Cards. Allows you to add a translated word to flash cards for studying
    • About. Contains information about the current translation direction, the number of sound modules available, dictionary databases and registration status
    • Exit. Allows you to exit the program

Translation Direction

Select “Menu>Translation Direction”, to open a list of all possible directions. Choose a direction and click Done.

Press "Menu>Miscellaneous” to select the dictionaries that you want to use to search for words in current translation direction. If you select several dictionaries for a language pair, the menu items Priority Up / Priority Down will allow you to set the priority for dictionaries.

Flash Card Quiz

To take a Flash Card Quiz, follow Menu>Miscellaneous>Flash Cards Quiz. To add words to flash cards, choose Menu>To Flash Cards in the menu of a dictionary entry in full screen mode.

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Several options of dictionary settings presented in the Settings section:

  • General
  • Resident

General Settings

  • Interface. Press Left / Right to look through the languages available and select the language you need
  • The font size in translation articles. Press Left / Right to choose a suitable size (small, large, standard)
  • Automatic pronunciation of words. Select On / Off to activate or deactivate the automatic pronunciation of words
  • An automatic check-up of updates. Press Left / Right , to set the frequency of update option (every fifteen days, every month, every six months, shut down) and choose the most suitable for you.

Resident Settings:

  • Start Resident in Full Screen Mode
    Using this option allows to call for a translation of a word in full screen. If you are working in an application using Pocket PC devices, translation appears in a small window by default. Resident always appears in full screen mode if you are using a Smartphone.

You can activate Resident in one of four possible ways:

  • An item “Translate” in the context menu.
    This option will be activated by default after installing the program. Please highlight a word in a supported application, call for context menu and select Translate item to get the translation. This is the only option to be used on Smartphones (without touch screen)
  • Start Resident by double click on Ctrl + C
    Highlight a word to translate, and twice consecutively, press Ctrl + C buttons two times using onscreen or built-in keyboard.
  • Start Resident using the "Translate" item in the context menu, or by double clicking on Ctrl + C. This option activates both ways of launching Resident Mode described above.
  • Start Resident using hardware button. Highlight a word to translate and press the button you specialized in this section.

How it works on Pocket PC.

You can see an example of Resident Mode during Web page browsing in the picture (in this application resident is available only on Pocket PC). Highlight a word for translation in the text.

Call for the context menu by long tap on the highlighted word. To view the translation, select "Translate".

This way of launching Resident Mode is activated by default. To change this setting, refer to Menu>Settings>Resident and select any other possible option.

How it works on Smartphone.

You can use the Resident Mode in Messaging application.

Call for context menu by pressing Action button on your device and chose Select. Highlight a word using Right and Left buttons on your device. Call for context again by pressing Action button once more and chose Translate. This is the only way to call for Resident Mode on Smartphones.


Chose the dictionary which will be used for Resident Mode you need to specify it in the option “Program used as a resident”


The only available settings of Resident Mode for Smartphones are the following: Program used as a resident and Resident Start Method.

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The ways to use the dictionary

Standard Mode

Enter the text in the input line to view the translation. You can select a word by scrolling the wordlist (Use the scrollbar or Up/Down hardware buttons). You can also view the translation of a word in the entry field. The program will immediately start searching the word you have highlighted.

Resident Mode

Using the Resident mode, you can get the translation of a desired word without leaving the application you are working in. This option is especially useful when you work with foreign literature, read books, navigate through Internet and so on. To view translation of a word you need to select it and launch Resident Mode by choosing Translate option in the Context menu or any other way you specified in Resident Settings of the dictionary.

Morphology Module

If you enter a word in any form you can see its base forms. A dialogue with all found base forms of the entered word will be shown. To see the morphology information for any word entered you need to choose Show Word Forms item in the Menu of the dictionary. To see the translation of any base form you need to open the article in Full Screen Mode, highlight a word and chose Translate or Done. You can also enter a whole phrase in the input line. In this case, all found base forms for all the words from the phrase will be shown.

Wildcard Search

Use Wildcard search if you are not sure how to spell a word or if you want to find words with the same structure (for example, while solving a crossword you need to think of a 6-letter word beginning with un-).

To start the search, enter the query (the wildcard that consists of letters and special symbols).
The following special symbols can be used in a query:

*-represents any number of characters

?-represents one character

Tap search to see the list of words, which correspond to your query.
Tap a word to go to the dictionary entry.

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How the dictionary can help you to learn foreign language

There are several functions realized in the dictionary, which can help you to learn a foreign language:

Table of irregular verbs

To see the table of irregular verbs, go to the section Menu> Menu>Miscellaneous>Irregular Verbs.

Adding Flash Cards and Flash Cards Quiz

Paragon Software Group (SHDD) developed an algorithm for a Quiz based on effective time-proved methodic of studying the foreign words with cards. The foreign word is written on one side of a card and its translation on another. To learn the translation you take any card from the pile and look at the foreign word trying to remember its translation. Then you turn the card and see if you remembered the word correctly.

Flash Cards Quiz in the dictionary works the same way. The program will save your results and show the statistic on your screen: the number of correct answers, the total number of cards and number of words learned.

If you work with Flash Cards you can use Menu that provides the following actions:

  • Skip the current card (it will be noted that you didn’t learn the word this time);
  • View the list of all available cards and remove certain or all cards, if necessary;
  • Activate / Deactivate the option Always play sound to call an automatic pronunciation of words

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Uninstallation of the dictionary

To uninstall the dictionary, sound module, please follow the steps:

  1. Open Start>Settings>Remove Programs on your Windows Mobile device.
  2. Find the name of the dictionary in the list.
  3. After tapping Remove button, you will see a window “Do you want to remove the dictionary or some components?”
  4. If you want to remove all components of the program, tap Delete All. If you want to delete some of the installed databases, tap Select and choose the components before pressing Delete button. Repeat the procedure with any number of components you want to delete.
  5. Press Done button to close the window.
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Useful Information

You can use our Knowledge Base or contact our support team in Support area of Paragon Software (SHDD) official web sites. It is based on frequently asked questions and we hope that you will find there all information you need concerning the dictionary.

Dear customers!
Thanks again for your interest in our software.
We hope that you would like our program, and buy a commercial version of the dictionary.
It is your support for the development of unique high-tech software for PDAs and
Smartphones and we really appreciate it.

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