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[Mai 24, 2004]
Multilingual keyboard input support for Windows smartphones

We are proud to announce the release of the first in the world multilingual keyboard entry support for Windows smartphones.

InterKey enables to input information into mobile phones with Windows Smartphone (smartphones) via keyboard in national languages: Russian, Greek, etc. You may easily switch between Russian, Greek and English keyboard input in any application. Soon the product line will cover most of European languages, including Polish, Czech etc.

Now InterKey for Windows Smartphone supports the most popular models: Motorola MPx200 (Windows Smartphone 2002 OS) and Qtek 8080 (Windows Smartphone 2003 OS). In the near future our company intends to diversify the list of compatible devices.

[Mai 19, 2004]
New releases for Palm OS: PiLoc 3.6, PiLoc Monitor 1.4 and the Fonts Compiler utility.

Paragon Software (SHDD) has made a next great stride in advancing the Palm OS localization technology. New PiLoc 3.6 version now enables the customization of fonts used by Palm OS.

With the special Fonts Compiler one can adapt any font in any language supported by PiLoc to use it on the Palm OS device. After being installed, the new font becomes available through the PiLoc preferences.

The new 1.4 version of PiLoc Monitor utility now supports the feature of PiLoc fonts changing.

For more detailed news text, special features and update information please follow here.

[Mai 11, 2004]
Russian localization system for Windows Smartphone

We announce the release of Russian localization for Windows Smartphone based phones (smartphones).

The localization system includes Russian keyboard support, Russian regional settings and Russian interface translation.

At present two only devices are supported: Motorola MPx200 (Windows Smartphone 2002 OS) and Qtek 8080 (Windows Smartphone 2003 OS). We plan to expand the list of supported models essentially in the near future.

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