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Dictionaries, localization, games and other PDA software: Palm OS, Windows CE / Pocket PC, Symbian OS ( Nokia 9210, 7650 )

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 2001 -


November 2001, ELVA, an official Palm Inc. distributor located in Riga, Latvia, signed a partnership agreement with our company. According to the agreement companies will develop and distribute a product of complete Palm OS localization to Latvian language. The program complete interface translation of all built-in Palm OS applications to Latvian language. Latvian Palm OS localization will be bundled with Palm OS devices ELVA company sells in the country. The company will also distribute Russian localization and dictionary products by Paragon Software (SHDD). Having this option of two languages localization (Russian and Latvian) the company will be able to offer Palm devices to each potential customer in the most understandable and user friendly configuration.

Compaq Russia

September 2001, Compaq Russia chooses Paragon Software (SHDD) among four comptetitors as a localization solution provider to launch its award winning iPaq product line in Russia and CIS countries. Along with Language Extender localization software, Compaq Russia has also decided to bundle all Russian iPaq devices with PenReader - an on-line handwriting recognition system.

Toptronics Oy

September 2001, Paragon Software (SHDD) and Toptronics Oy company from Turku FINLAND signed an agreement about starting several localization projects for Finnish language. First project will launch interface Finnish localization of Palm Connected Organizers. The second step will be Finnish localization of UI of Handspring Visor devices. Analysing the market Toptronics Oy decided to joint Paragon's localization business to bring companies powerful localization technology to Finnish customers and make Palm OS completely understandable and comfortable for everyone in the country. The companies hopes that new valuable add-ons to be developed according to the agreement will make the platform more interesting for potential customers as it already took place in other Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Iceland.

Ideal Electronics S.A.

May 2001, Paragon Software (SHDD) and Greek company Ideal Electronics S.A., official distributor of Palm, Inc in Greece sign the agreement. The companies agree about co-development of complete Greek localization of Palm Connected Organizers starting from Palm OS 3.5. According to the agreement Ideal Electronics will buy from Paragon Greek PiLoc starting from today to bundle it with all Palm devices distributed in Greece via Ideal's channels. Ideal Electronics hope that years experience of Paragon Software in creating Palm OS localization program and quality Greek language support system, developed by the company, will make Palm OS much more popular in the country and allows the platform to keep its leadership on PDA market.

CHS d.o.o.

April 2001, CHS d.o.o., official Palm Computing distributor in Slovenia, chooses Paragon Software (SHDD) as a localization solution provider. The company signed an agreement about developing Full Slovenian localization for Palm OS 3.5 and higher. According to this agreement Paragon Software will develop full Slovenian language support engine as well as UI translation of Palm OS to this language. CHS will preinstall the program on all devices they sell in Slovenia. Slovenian PiLoc is going to be completed by the end of June.

Info Quest A.E.B.E.

February 2001, Info Quest A.E.B.E., exclusive Greek Handspring Visor product line distributor, signed an agreement about developing Full Greek localization of Visor platform. According to this agreement Paragon Software will develop Greek interface translation of all Visor devices currently available on the market as well as devices which will be presented in future. Info Quest considers localization software as a very important part of the product package and hope that Paragon Software technologies allow Handspring Visor to become very popular platform in Greece as their do the device fully understandable to everyone on national market like Greek is. The company will distribute all Visor devices fully localized to Greek language.


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