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Dictionaries, localization, games and other PDA software: Palm OS, Windows CE / Pocket PC, Symbian OS ( Nokia 9210, 7650 )

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 2000 -

MDS Holdings

December 2000, MDS Holdings, the sole European Handspring Visor product line distributor, ordered from Paragon Software (MCD) full interface localization solutions for all Visor devices (including new Visor Prism, Platinum and devices that will come in future) for 14 European languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukranian. The solutions will be developed being based on new PiLoc 2.x localization technologies. Starting from January 2001 MDS Holdings will distribute all Visor devices in above stated countries in bundle with PiLoc national language system. As full interface localization makes mobile device fully understandable to any national user, MDS Holdings expects that PiLoc system will make Visor device more popular and increase Visor market share relative to other Palm OS devices.
New contract with MDS Holdings confirms again that PiLoc localization technology really became standard on Palm OS PDA market. If you want to have a success on national PDA markets, you should use the best localization solutions. Handpsring Europe recommends PiLoc.


December 2000, YAAR, official Israel Handspring Visor product line distributor, signed an agreement in Moscow. According to this agreement Paragon licenses to YAAR the technology for developing Hebrew support in Palm OS as well as technology of Full Palm OS interface localization. YAAR will develop its own solution, EBY, to support Hebrew and create Full Hebrew UI for Visor devices. YAAR plans to distribute all Visor devices in the country localized to Hebrew language to make the platform fully understandable and user friendly for all potential cutomers in Israel.

According to the agreement Paragon Software (SHDD) also gets to YAAR a status of official Paragon's representative company in Israel.

BUG Multisystem

December 2000, BUG Multisystem, exclusive Israel distributor of Psion devices, ordered from Paragon Software (SHDD) developing of complete Hebrew localization solution for EPOC 32 OS/Psion platform. According to the agreement signed between the parties Paragon Software will provide BUG Multisystem with perfect Hebrew localization that includes: Hebrew fonts, Hebrew keyboard driver, Hebrew support engine for EPOC 32 OS that supports right to left text typing, rightside text alignment, correct operations of Hebrew text sorting, searching and selecting, Full Hebrew translation of EPOC 32 OS UI. High complication level of Hebrew language implementation in EPOC 32 OS and choosing Paragon Software (SHDD) as the project developer confirm again the company's leadership in the localization business. Developed wide range of EPOC localization software and Hebrew solutions for Palm OS Paragon Software (SHDD) got good experience and perfect technologies which are very important for succesfull developing Hebrew for EPOC 32 OS.

AMY SA company

November 2000, AMY SA company, general distributor of Wacom Graphire products in Greece, ordered from Paragon Software (MCD) special Greek edition of Desktop PenReader handwriting recognition system. The company made a martketing research before signing the development agreement. Marketing experts of AMY SA have found that Greek handwriting recognition system is really interested to many people on the market and if the system would be part of the device package, pen tablet would be more interesting for potential customers. So AMY SA consider Greek handwriting recognition option as essential part of pen tablet package and hope that Greek edition of Desktop PenReader will make Wacom products much more popular in Greece.
The program will include PenReader recognition core, adapted specially for Greek language, Greek program interface and help module in Greek language. New Desktop PenReader Greek will be distributed by AMY SA company in bundle with all Wacom Graphire products sold by the company.

Ide Data as

October 2000, Ide Data as, the biggest Palm Connected Organizer distributor in Norway and Sweden, signed an agreement with Paragon Software (MCD) about developing Full Norwegian and Swedish localization for Palm OS. According to this agreement Paragon Software will develop full Swedish and Norwegian languages support engines as well as interface translation of Palm OS to these languages. Ide Data as will preinstall the program on devices they sell in Norway and Sweden. The company expact several time increase in device sales and growth acceleration of Scandinavian Palm device market as Palm OS will be really understandable and friendly to every Norwegian and Swedish customer.

Dogatek company

September 2000, Dogatek company, one of the bigest Psion device reseller in Turkey, started distribution of our Turkish EPOC localization program. Dogatek will sell Turkish localization of Psion devices as stand alone product and also will offer to Turkish customers devices that will be locelized by our software.

Management Services Group Ltd

August 2000, Management Services Group Ltd, official distributor of TRG Pro devices in Russia, ordered from Paragon Software (MCD) Russian localization of TRG Pro. Management Service Group Ltd scrutinized all localization products available on Russian markets and chose PiLoc from our company as the best one. They think that their choice will make TRG Pro device more popular and increase part of the PDA market that occupied by the brand.

Biltur Iletisim AS

June 2000, Biltur Iletisim AS, official Palm Computing Inc. distributor in Turkey, located in Istanbul, Turkey order from Paragon Software (MCD) full interafce Turkish localization of Palm OS 3.5. The Turkish Palm OS market semms to be very potential, but to date there was not any chance to do successful Palm OS distribution business in Turkey because of the lack of fully localized Turkish Palm OS. Now the problem is solved and Turkish market is unsealed for the most popular mobile platfrom in the world.

Klikk ehf.

July 2000, Klikk ehf., official distributor of Psion devices in Iceland, started business with Paragon Software (MCD). They choose our EPOC Icelandic to be installed on the devices they sell. This is additional demonstration of our leadership on the localization software market.


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