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Dictionaries, localization, games and other PDA software: Palm OS, Windows CE / Pocket PC, Symbian OS ( Nokia 9210, 7650 )

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 1999 -

Scientific S.A.

September 1999, Scientific S.A. located in Warsaw, the biggest Palm Computing Inc. distributor in Poland, started distribution of Polish PiLoc with devices they sell. They expect several time increase in device sales and fast growth of Polish Palm device market as Palm OS now is really useful and understandable for every Polish customer even who doesn't speask English at all.

Ericsson Greece

August 1999, Ericsson Greece ordered Greek localization of EPOC 32 OS to promote their new mobile device - Ericsson MC 218. Paragon Software already had experience in localization of EPOC OS platform in Russia (Russian localization of Psion Series 5 was developed according to agreement with Russian division Psion Plc.). Greek localization project became impulse to further progress of EPOC OS localization technology.

3Com/Israel and Harel Ltd wanted to repeat Russian success of Palm Computing platform in Israel and Arabic world

February 1999, 3Com/Israel and Paragon Software enter into OEM agreement for Hebrew and Arabic localization of Palm OS to open new, estimated 350 million customers market, for Palm Connected organizers. Paragon Software success and expirience in localization of handheld devices, along with 3Com/Palm Computing commitment to develop new markets will bring first fully localized Hebrew and first fully localized Arabic handheld device in history. This device name is Palm Connected organizer.


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