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PiLoc Localization for Palm Treo 700p Released
PiLoc Localization for Palm Treo 700p Released
[August 14, 2007]

Paragon Software (SHDD) has updated PiLoc national language support software. New localization solutions provide the efficient work in national language on Palm Treo 700p smartphones.

Now this impressive device is customized for using in different national languages, its full set of applications and multimedia possibilities are specially adapted for the local audiences. PiLoc provides Treo 700p with such common features as translated standard fonts, variants of on-screen keyboard layouts and several encoding types for the proper national Internet-pages support.

PiLoc software was developed in complete accordance with Palm Treo 700p ideology. Even one-hand operation makes device much more usable with the help of the following PiLoc features:

  • Special characters’ input by a single button
  • Rapid switch to another menu language
  • External keyboard using to enter national letters
  • Current language indicator always in sight
  • Instant access to Command Bar
  • Personal language settings for each application (current system language, current codepage or bidirectional mechanism)

PiLoc software was developed to create genuine language environment to the language specific customers for more comfortable device using and easy work with it.

For more information about PiLoc for Treo 700p please, visit or check from Palm OS device.

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