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[September 20, 2011]
High-quality branded dictionary content from three of the world’s most respected publishers now available for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users

Paragon Software Group is pleased to announce the release of Berlitz, Langenscheidt and Mondadori dictionaries for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. A diverse number of bi-lingual and mono-lingual dictionaries – from Basic to Professional editions – are available in an extensive combination of the world’s most spoken languages, including English, German and Italian.

With unparalleled language content from market-leading publishers Berlitz Publishing, The Langenscheidt Publishing Group and The Mondadori Group, there is a dictionary to cover every use and language combination for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users. Built-in tools like flash-card quizzes, audio pronunciations prerecorded by native speakers and a resident module (available for Windows Mobile) that allows dictionary features to be used within other active applications make learning a new language, communicating while travelling or brushing up on an old classic easy and enjoyable.

PreAll new dictionary titles are available for BlackBerry Smartphones with OS version 4.2.1 and higher, including BlackBerry Torch 9800, and Windows Mobile 6.5/6.1/6.0, Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC & Smartphone, and can be purchased at, or BlackBerry App World by searching Langenscheidt, Berlitz or Mondadori

[September 15, 2011]
Paragon Software Group’s Handy Weather app for BlackBerry gets a new look

Paragon Software Group, a streamer developer of multi-platform procedure applications for mobiles as good as computers, has diminished Handy Weather for BlackBerry touchscreen devices. With a ultimate as good as many scold interpretation postulated by continue government Intellicast, a world’s streamer meteorological service, a Handy Weather concentration connects users to continue forecasts for some-more than 40,000 preset cities worldwide.

Handy Weather helps we wish for anything Mother Nature has in store. The easy-to-navigate interface provides 3 versatile viewpoint options – tide condition, notation any day predict as good as 7-day high/low feverishness graph – or usually launch Handy Weather to see a notation 7-day continue predict for inner user-defined areas. Comprehensive forecasts consolidate finish continue details, such as temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, UV index as good as real-feel temperatures, updated automatically during frequencies that review your schedule.

Previously permitted for QWERTY-based BlackBerry devices, Handy Weather is right divided permitted for all BlackBerry touchscreen devices, together with Storm, Storm 2 as good as Torch, with a following extended features:

  • Attractive latest settlement together with twin permitted topic colors — blue as good as green
  • Detailed twenty-four hour forecasts with stretched views for night / morning / afternoon / evening
  • Quick views of continue forecasts but check from a calendar
  • Compare night as good as day feverishness graphs in Chart Mode
  • Maps mode includes celestial physique aspect views, feverishness maps as good as breezy fronts
  • Customizable units sourroundings allows temperature, zephyr speed, breezy effect as good as widen conversions from metric to imperial/standard measures
  • Enable GPS to welcome continue forecasts for some-more cities worldwide
  • Safely as good as good fist 3-month subscriptions around SMS

Handy Weather for BlackBerry Features:

  • 7-day continue predict for over 40,000 cities worldwide
  • High/low feverishness graph for perceptive continue checks
  • Detailed any day forecasts as good as tide conditions
  • Complete continue sum (temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, UV index, genuine feel temperature, etc.)
  • Automatic remodel allows sourroundings adult a bulk of continue predict updates in a certain pause (2, 4, 8, 12, or twenty-four hours) or during bound time.
  • Over-the-air procedure updates
  • Low trade – 1.8 Kb per city predict as good as with any downloaded city it is less.

Availability: Handy Weather for BlackBerry is available on BlackBerry App World in a number of editions:

Handy Weather for BlackBerry touch screen devices (1-year subscription)
Handy Weather for BlackBerry touch screen devices (3-month subscription)
Handy Weather for BlackBerry (one-year subscription for QWERTY devices)

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