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[Januar 24, 2003]
Handy Dates for Nokia 7650 will notify you about important events in your life

Today EPOCWARE, a subsidiary of Paragon Software, the leading software developer for Nokia 7650 phones, releases Handy Dates for Nokia 7650.

Handy Dates for Nokia 7650 helps you to remember and be prepared for important events in your life. With Handy Dates software you have all your birthdays, anniversaries, business events, and public holidays in one organized list sorted by closest date. Handy Dates will notify you a few days before each event. Handy Dates can also import birth dates from the built-in Contacts.

You can find more detailed information about the program at Handy Dates page.

[Januar 22, 2003]
AnotherBall 2.0 - the classic is ever alive

Paragon Software (SHDD) announces the 2.0 version release of one of the most popular Arkanoids for Palm OS - AnotherBall game.

This release is due to numerous requests of customers to provide them with high resolution version of their favorite game. Specially for this version new enhanced design was created.

New in this version

  • High resolution support
  • New enhanced design for devices with high resolution screen
  • Palm OS 5.0 support

This update is (as usual) free of charge. Update is available through E-CARE system. To enter, please, use the login form at the bottom of the site home page.

If you have any questions about this update, please, contact our customer support service.

[Januar 20, 2003]
EPOCWARE announces Handy Safe Pro and Handy Tools Pro suites for Nokia 7650

Today EPOCWARE, a subsidiary of Paragon Software, the leading Software Developer for Nokia 7650 phones, announces Handy Safe Pro and Handy Tools Pro suite for Nokia 7650.

Handy Safe Pro for Nokia 7650 suite consists of 2 popular programs for Nokia 7650: Handy Safe and Handy PhotoSafe. Buying this suite you pay €29.95 for Nokia 7650 software that costs €34.9 saving €5 on a purchase.

Handy Tools Pro for Nokia 7650 suite consists of 10 popular programs for Nokia 7650: Handy Safe, Handy Day, Handy Clock, Handy Expense, Handy File, Handy PhotoSafe, Handy Book, Handy Shopper, Handy Car, and Handy Reversi. Buying this suite you pay €89.95 for Nokia 7650 software that costs €159.5 saving almost €70 on a purchase.

[Januar 15, 2003]
EPOCWARE releases Handy Safe Version 1.5 for Sony Ericsson P800 and Handy Safe

Today EPOCWARE, a subsidiary of Paragon Software, the leading software developer for Sony Ericsson P800 phones, releases Handy Safe Version 1.5 for Sony Ericsson P800 and Handy Safe Desktop Version 2.0.

What's new in version 1.5:
The serious problem has been fixed. The previous 1.0 and 1.1 versions stored their databases (Safe.ind and Safe.dat files) in the root of disk C. But the phone seems to erase all the files there from time to time to save space. This "smart" behavior caused the loss of all Handy Safe data. The current version of Handy Safe stores its data in C:\System\Apps\Safe\ directory.

New languages version 1.5:
German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Slovenian, Greek, French, Spanish.

Note: All language versions have English menus. Only item names and fields are translated.

Registered users can download the upgrade FREE OF CHARGE.

[Januar 13, 2003]
First dictionaries for Nokia 7650 are now available

Paragon Software (SHDD), the parent company of EPOCWARE, one of the world leading companies developing software for Nokia 7650, keeps on producing high quality dictionaries for PDA devices, mobile computers and smartphones.

In addition to popular Palm OS, Pocket PC and Nokia 9210/9290 Communicator dictionaries, Paragon Software (SHDD) announces today a variety of dictionaries for Nokia 7650.

New Slovoed dictionaries for Nokia 7650 are available with the following language databases:

  • English-German-English
  • English-Italian-English
  • English-French-English
  • English-Spanish-English
  • German-Italian-German and others.

Main features of Slovoed multilingual dictionary for Nokia 7650 are:

  • Easy-to-use intuitively understandable user-friendly interface
  • Great number of word entries
  • Low memory consumption
  • Quality dictionary databases

You can find detailed information, download FREE trial versions of Slovoed dictionaries for Nokia 7650 with no limitations in time and functionality and buy them online at Nokia 7650 dictionary page.

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