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[September 30, 2008]
Handy Shell - an Advanced Replacement for S60 Active Standby Screen

Epocware, a subsidiary of Paragon Software Group, announces Handy Shell, a brand-new application replacing the entire S60 Active Standby screen. Handy Shell takes over all functions of the S60 menu key, while adding extra options or disabling the unnecessary ones.

Handy Shell allows the user to take complete control over the device’s screen and customize it according to the user’s wishes thanks to attractive new features, such as three customizable views and five plugins options:

  • Today view completely replaces Active Standby and collects all important info on your smartphone’s screen.
  • -Digital clock, date, alarms
    - Application shortcuts
    - Phone indicators (Bluetooth, missed calls, new messages, new emails, active profile, active theme)
    - Calendar events
    - Weather data (5 days weather forecast with weather type icon and temperature)
  • Applications view gives a fast access to frequently used applications.
  • Contacts view shows 12 favourite contacts with optional dial or create message actions
  • Dial and Start allows shortcuts to the desired contacts or to launch applications from any of Shell’s view, simply by typing the first characters of the phone or name on the Today screen.
  • All Plugins can be moved around the screen, easily customized, or activated and deactivated.

In addition, Handy Shell includes a “Weather” Plugin with five-day weather forecast for the Today screen and a one-year subscription to the Handy Weather service. Handy Weather is the easiest and most reliable way of accessing local, as well as distant, weather information in Celsius and Fahrenheit – all in a mobile environment. The detailed five-day weather forecasts are supported by satellite weather maps and include four layouts: morning, day, evening and night.

More information about Handy Shell for S60

[September 17, 2008]
Handy Converter Performs World Currency Conversions and Units Calculations On-the-Go

Paragon Software Group releases Handy Converter for mobile devices running on Java MIDP 2.0 and BlackBerry, upgrade for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone), and Symbian Symbian S60. The program saves the mobile user time and money by performing various calculations and units of measure conversion directly on the mobile device’s screen. Handy Converter is a reliable resource for world-currency and units-of-measure calculations, supporting up to 57 currencies and units of temperature, length, weight, area, volume and speed.

The product’s main features include:

  • Instant value evaluation while typing – no extra steps to find out the result
  • Conversions into 57 major world currencies
  • Exchange rates automatically provided by Bank of Canada and European Central Bank, or rate may be manually assigned
  • Clothing size conversions from seven international scales for men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and shoes
  • Conversions of temperature, length, weight, area, volume, speed, etc.
  • Smart and user-friendly interface without complicated menus

(Please note that some features may vary, depending on platform.)

Whether on a business trip or vacation, Handy Converter will be always on hand to provide instant and accurate answers to all extensive calculations.

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Paragon Software Group and Mobile TeleSystems win Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011.
Epocware/Paragon Software Group Wins Global Telecom Business Innovation Awards 2009 in the “Best Consumer Mobile Service Innovation” Category

Paragon has been recognized with the "Software of the Year 2009" award for PONS Advanced English dictionary.

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