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[January 23, 2008]
Famous DUDEN Dictionaries Now Available for Mobile Devices

Paragon Software Group and Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH, one of the most trusted reference publishers on German market, have entered into a global agreement on combining their efforts to create а definitive dictionary line covering DUDEN brand name for all mobile OS.

Duden – German spelling dictionary
The comprehensive basic work strictly follows new Official Spelling Rules, that has become obligatory for all schools and authorities since August, 2006. It contains over 130 000 definitions including 3 000 new words and more than 500 000 illustrative examples, meaning explanations and even variants of spelling. This dictionary presents contemporary vocabulary of the German language as fully as never before.

Duden – German dictionary of synonyms
Make your writing style more explicit, definite and informative with new Duden dictionary that gives more than 300 000 synonyms for over 20 000 words, helpful word usage examples and alternative expressions for 200 idioms.

Duden – German dictionary of foreign words
Irreplaceable reference book for everyone, who wants to use and understand foreign words correctly. It offers an extensive research of the up-to-date and traditional foreign vocabulary presented in the modern German: over 55 000 foreign words and technical terms of the present-day German language.

Duden – German explanatory dictionary
This is the most comprehensive German explanatory dictionary in one volume. It covers 10 000 words of German modern vocabulary, 500 000 meaning explanations and usage examples, over 8 000 audio pronunciations for difficult words. Additionally, the dictionary includes dialects of Austria and Switzerland as well as technical terms, professionalisms, jargon, and slang.

Designed to bring an overall convenience of handheld translation, these best-selling and comprehensive dictionaries support the diverse range of mobile platforms: Symbian (S60 and UIQ), Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone editions), Palm OS, Java and Blackberry.

[January 18, 2008]
Slovoed for UIQ 3.0: speaking without any accent

Epocware/Paragon Software Group released Slovoed dictionaries for UIQ 3.0, that now provide audio pronunciations to improve language skills while on the go.

Now Slovoed offers the newest opportunity to check and listen to correct word pronunciation in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish on UIQ 3.0 smartphones. Sound Modules provides with high-quality live voice pronunciation prerecorded by native speakers. Each Sound Module contains up to 20 000 audio pronunciations of up-to-date vocabulary.

Additionally, Slovoed dictionaries for UIQ 3.0 offer the following useful features:

  • The list of 15 recently searched words
  • Cross-links between related articles and directions
  • Dictionary installation on memory cards to save main memory-space
  • Several dictionaries installation with the various languages choice (rapid switch amongst dictionaries available, dictionary activation/deactivation option)
  • Dictionary interface available in English, French, German, Greek, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian languages

More information about Slovoed for UIQ 3.0

[January 16, 2008]
Discover new translation features with Slovoed for S60

Epocware/Paragon Software Group is proud to announce Slovoed dictionaries enhanced with brand new features to get precise and instant translation directly on S60 3rd Edition smartphone and even improve language skills.

Slovoed’s Morphology Module allows to translate a word entered in any grammatical form (plural nouns and adjectives, different verb forms and so on), saving you time and effort.

New Slovoed dictionaries offer such a unique feature, as an on-screen keyboard layout that enables to enter and translate words even in the languages, not supported by your smartphone.

Additionally, Slovoed dictionaries for Symbian S60 smartphone offer the following useful features:

  • Sound Modules to check correct pronunciation with word audio samples prerecorded by native speakers
  • Wildcards feature to find words even if you do not know its exact spelling using wild "*", "?", etc.
  • Flash Cards Quiz to test your language knowledge
  • Cross-links between related articles and directions
  • Several dictionaries installation with the various languages choice (rapid switch amongst dictionaries available, dictionary activation/deactivation option)

More information about Slovoed dictionaries for Symbian S60

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