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[November 29, 2006]
New Merriam-Webster dictionaries for UIQ 3.0

Epocware/Paragon Software Group is proud to present 3 mobile editions of the famous Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries. Merriam-Webster English-Spanish and Merriam-Webster English-French bidirectional dictionaries as well as Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary are now available for Symbian UIQ 3.0 smartphones.

Both Merriam-Webster English-Spanish and Merriam-Webster English-French dictionaries contain 40 000 entries, numerous translations accommodating with the extensive word translation coverage of each direction. Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary leads to the distinct comprehension of medical language and contains brand names and generic equivalents of common drugs.

Merriam-Webster dictionaries for UIQ 3.0 by Epocware facilitate the process of word translation/definition search by adding the following range of features:

  • Rapid word translation/definition
  • Dictionaries installation on memory cards
  • Installation of several dictionaries at the same time to secure more detailed translation
  • Quick access to the translation of the latest searched words
  • Word explanations and usage examples
  • Cross-lookup feature between articles and directions

More information about Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries for UIQ 3.0

[November 20, 2006]
Applications by Paragon Software (SHDD) became the winners in the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2006

October 17, 2006 – Paragon Software (SHDD) is honored to be marked as one of the best mobile software developers at the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine’s Sixth Annual Best Software Awards. Slovoed dictionaries became the winner in the "Multilingual Dictionaries" category and Can’t Stop Solitaire Collection was declared the winner of the "Solitaire Games" category.

The Board of Experts has nominated the top software from Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine’s Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories. Experts from throughout the world have agreed to judge and select winners for each software category. They are authors of Pocket PC books, Pocket PC magazine contributors, Microsoft Pocket PC MVPs, Pocket PC magazine Support Forum helpers, and associates of top Pocket PC Web sites.

Slovoed is a series of 130 bilingual and explanatory dictionaries for Windows Mobile Pocket PC containing high quality word bases for about 30 languages from the world famous publishers and working under the powerful Slovoed engine.

Can’t Stop Solitaires Collection is the largest in the world collection of solitaire games available in a single pack for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, providing advanced features and new matchless pleasure for everyone who is keen on solitaires.

Applications by Paragon Software (SHDD) are regularly nominated and gained primary positions in Pocket PC Magazine’s awards due to its continuous improvement and innovative development of the company.

[November 18, 2006]
One more game of solitaire?

Paragon Software (SHDD) released Top Hits Solitaires, the special pack of games for those who really heps to the both enthralling and intellectual solitaire challenge. This collection consists of 15 best selling, scarce and newest solitaires exclusively selected and gathered.

Top Hits Solitaire Collection hottest features:

  • Well-known Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Joker as well as the exciting Trefoil, Carpet, Yukon, Algerian Patience solitaires and others
  • Excellent graphic
  • A variety of card backs and backgrounds
  • The ability to install additional backgrounds: Erotic, Christmas
  • Mirror solitaires representation
  • Demonstration movie for each solitaire
  • Smart toolbar: the possibility to choose necessary options and edit them at the toolbar

Just give yourself up to the feverish temptation of Top Hits Solitaires Collection playing!

More information about Top Hits Solitaires Collection

[November 17, 2006]
Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary for Palm released

Paragon Software (SHDD) released Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary for Palm OS based PDA’s. This authoritative dictionary can boast of 476 000 entries, 700 000 definitions and numerous illustrations, etymologies, synonyms, etc. that provides you with extensive coverage of English.

Due to unique Slovoed engine by Paragon Software (SHDD) you can appreciate Merriam-Webster’s the most comprehensive dictionary adapted for your PDA combining with following functional opportunities:

  • Quick search of the necessary word definition,
  • Translation during reading documents without switching to the dictionary application,
  • Word translation of different grammatical forms of the word,
  • Words are supplemented with sound modules, which enables to check correct pronunciation,
  • Special functions such as “Word of the Day” and “Card Quiz” make studying process more interesting.

More information about Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary for Palm OS

[November 14, 2006]
Series of essential utilities

Epocware announced Handy Essentials bundle pack of earlier released Handy Alarm, Handy Keylock and Handy Taskman for Symbian S60 2nd and 3rd Edition based devices, line of simple and low-cost applications that were developed to fulfill certain tasks.

Handy Essentials offers the range of the following utilities:

  • Handy Keylock protects smartphone keys against accidental pressing,
  • Handy Alarm combines 5 kinds of alarm and reminder,
  • Handy Taskman provides with full control of tasks and launched applications on smartphone.

All the applications of the Handy Essentials series were developed to better meet the needs of those customers who have to buy multifunctional programs, but they really use only one feature of all.

More information about Handy Essentials

[November 08, 2006]
Handy Clock will make the time to work for you

Epocware released Handy Clock utility for UIQ 3.0 based smartphones. This application enables to check the accurate hour in 5 world cities at once, to be always in time and represents a time management tool.

Handy Clock helps to be aware of accurate time and part of the day in the required city or geographic point that will prove useful for business trip planning or if you have relatives and friends in different cities. Moreover Handy Clock enables to record the time you work on projects or with clients. The time, spent on project, is able to be analyzed in the smartphone or exported to Microsoft Excel. Handy Clock also features the different kinds of alarms with the possibility to make note to each alarm.

Handy Clock for Sony Ericsson M600/P990/W950 main features:

  • Time in any five world cities at once with the possibility to add any arbitrary location by coordinates,
  • All time management elements in one program: easy-to-use special facility to record the time you work with clients or projects,
  • Timer, stop-watch, 5 alarm settings: you can set up once, next 24 hours, daily, weekly, and workdays alarms.
  • Day-night option enables to learn what part of the day is in the city you need and shows its geographic location on the map,
  • Two-month Calendar view,
  • Wireless purchase enables you to buy the program just from smartphone, if it is connected to Internet.

More information about Handy Clock for UIQ 3.0

[November 03, 2006]
Slovoed for mobiles

Paragon Software (SHDD) announces the release of particularly new kind of translation software – “Slovoed for mobiles” that was developed to bring the advantages of full-value electronic translator to the ordinary cell phone. This java-based applet enables to get as much detailed and exact translations as you want wherever you are. You only need your phone to be connected to Internet.

“Slovoed for mobiles” is 100-volume collection of explanatory and bilingual dictionaries in more than 20 languages that will not require much space in your cellular. The combination of extensive wordbases and wide functional possibilities secures traditional high-quality of translation that Slovoed dictionaries are known for.

“Slovoed for mobiles” summary:

  • Wordbases by world famous linguistic companies,
  • Morphology module helps to find translation of the word in any grammatical form,
  • High retrieval rate,
  • Search history provides with quick access to the latest searched words,
  • Cross-lookup feature between related articles,
  • Variant of the word option,
  • Convenient, specially designed for mobile phones user interface.

More information about “Slovoed for mobiles”

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